Mr. Shrivastav has edited, translated and written several books on life, religion, Dharma and society.  Among some of his published books are “Karma Phal Ko Sunischit Siddhant” and “Karma Kand Bhaskar”.  The former is a study on the Karma and its subsequent effects. Our results are driven by the actions we take and whatever we will get in the future is the Karma of our today. The latter book is the detail procedure on how to perform Vedic Rituals.

His most recent book is Shilvati. It is a novel written in the context of issues faced by women in a developing nation.  Women represent the qualities of Maha Sawarswati, Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Kaali.  However, these women are often victimized by the same society that worships them in some form. If you want to read the full novel in .pdf format, please click here.

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